Commissions are OPEN

You can commission me through Ko-Fi or send me an E-Mail at
You can find examples here on my Commissions Page
**Terms of Service**

All non-commercial work is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Deed License. Click the button below to learn more.

Commissions through Ko-Fi follow a different process.

To start the commission process, I will need :

A assessment of your budget

Information of what the illustrations are for and the scope of the project

A thoughrough description of the subject you want illustrated

At least 3 image references

Communication can be done through my mail or through DM's on any of my socials.

Payment upfront, no refunds.

Once you've sent over any references and payment , I'll go on to work on the comision, of which I will give you updates throughout. At this stage I can make alterations untill you are happy with how its going. Once this is paid I will go on to send you the full illustration in its original resolution without a watermark. There will be an opportunity for amendments and revisions in color and small details once the illustration is complete.

I will charge extra for higher detail work. This can be negotiated upfront.

Depending on the ammount of commissions I currently have, the complexity of the piece and buyer communication, it will take me up to 6 weeks. Larger additional revisions after the product is finished will be 50% of the overall commission price.

I will draw Fantasy/Furry/Mecha, tastefull nudity, light gore and most things in that ballpark.

I won't draw Pornographic content, or otherwise offensive and hatefull things. No NFTs.

I will draw in my style. I do not do style immitation.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission I am uncomfortable with, even if it isn't listed in the TOS.

You are not allowed to use my comissions commercially i.e. Merchandise, Prints, AI Training, Game Assets etc. All commissions fall under the license listed above. But a commercial use fee and license can be negotiated depending on the use.

As the artist I keep the copyright to the work after german copyright law, and by commissioning me you reccognize that.