I ran a poll over on Tumblr to see what type of gun they would come up with and this was the result. I actually like it a lot.

some badges and sticker designs I have been working on, mainly as a way to have a library of detail to put on things like robots or other hardware

these might become actual pins or stickers at one point but im not that far yet.

A thing I thought up, I find the finger part of a touchscreen pretty obstructing. This touchpad + shoulderbutton combo would allow for use with one hand.

Even the smallest can enjoy Glumbo Games

The new click and jump!

The Great Glumbo Mania captured the fascination of many academics. Taking place in the Sol System, during which sales skyrocketed, making Glumbo the most successful Mascot character of all time! Today it is often described as a MPI (Mass Psychogenic Illness) by academics who study it.

GIND (Glumbo Induced Neural Decay) is a condition where a subject is overwhelmed by the imposing nature of Glumbo.

IsO-S can run on a lot of devices, since it is so small and efficient! Its resilliency against hacking also helped proliferate it.

Every manufacturer has their own approach to button layout and controls. And if there isnt anything that fits your playstyle, you can print your own! And all run can run the "Glumbo" series of games!

Glumbo Pet can detect gravitational pull and show you what vector 'g' has!

Did you know? Glumbo is actually an acronym, standing for : Generic, Loveable, Universal, Miniature, Ball, Orator!

A hacking device with Glumbo branding. This one was used in the historic hacking of the Ceres transit system.

The patented Glumbo Tungsten Brick is a hit with kids!